A curated selection of my animated photos and videos

i_o NRG 444 3D Hologram

3D phone hologram made for producer/DJ, i_o, as a digital asset for his 2020 NRG 444 Tour. Created as part of a package of other digital assets included in my i_o phone wallpaper pack.

Quavo (Migos) Photo Animation

Animated photo of hip hop trio 'Migos' member, Quavo. Original photo taken by Steve Souza (2017). Click here to get this animated photo as your phone wallpaper.

Seven Lions Photo Animation

Photo animation of producer/DJ, Seven Lions. Original photo taken by Steve Souza at ILLfest music festival (2019). Video asset (black & white video in background) taken from Seven Lions, 'Days To Come' music video.

Two Friends Photo Animation

Photo animation made for producer/dj duo, Two Friends. Original photo taken by Steve Souza during the Camp Super Dope Tour (2020). Video asset (video playing on backdrop screen) edited by Steve Souza from the same tour stop in Austin, TX - watch that video here.