HOPE Resources

Continue to support these organizations which strengthen our black & LGBTQ+ communities

What this page is about

Our country is going through a lot right now - its most marginalized citizens are fighting for rights that every human being deserves. To shed light on the many injustices they face, and to celebrate the people who are pushing humanity forward, we must stand in solidarity and make our very best efforts to cause change.

On this page is a list of 30 organizations which support black and/or + communities in the US. I originally created this list for a fundraiser in June of 2020 - what a year... Through many generous donations, we raised a total of $525 for a variety of the organizations on this list. Everyone who donated received a special photo print from myself, while one grand prize winner received a 16x24" print of my photo titled, "HOPE" (pictured above).

In an effort to continue to provide resources for anyone looking to support causes which fight racial and gender inequality and injustice in our country, this list of exceptional organizations will remain on my website.

The organizations I chose to include have all been vetted so you can be confident that your donations are going to good causes. I've included a handful of organizations that are important to me, my friends and our local communities in Texas, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York. Those organizations are located at the top of the list; although by no means are they better and/or more important than any of the other organizations on the list.

I will continue to support the Equal Justice Initiative, an organization on this list which fights mass incarceration in the US, through sales of my "HOPE" photo print. Available in my web store now, this particular photo print will have 100 percent of its profits donated to the EJI. Click here to buy this print and support the EJI. You can donate directly to the EJI, along with the other 29 organizations on this list, by clicking on them below - you will then be directed to their official websites.

We are all equal. There is no more room for racism, sexism or anything less than equal human rights for all.